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Belmio Aroma Lock

By Belmio - September 17, 2022

The heavenly smell of fresh coffee

We’ve all been there: the aroma of fresh coffee rises to awaken our senses only to disappear just as quickly. So much of those enticing aromas escapes during the roasting and grinding process, but what if they could be completely locked in an air-tight capsule for your tastebuds to enjoy? That is exactly what our unique Belmio aroma seal achieves.

Zero loss of taste

Coffee machines perforate the seal smoothly and the flavour and aroma are gently released to create your favourite cup of joy!

Plus, the aluminium capsule is completely impermeable to ensure zero loss of taste or freshness.

Our aluminium capsules protect the precious coffee content from oxygen, light and humidity to keep the rich aroma locked inside.

Lock what's precious

Be enchanted

Why not try it out for yourself? Just make a cup of Belmio at home or at the office, close your eyes and welcome the explosion of flavours and aromas!

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