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Swiss water® for decaf coffee

By Belmio - October 8, 2022

Deca coffee Belmio's way

The Belmio coffee range features a total of 5 decaf coffee varieties for those who want to enjoy their coffee all day long.

  1. The espresso 6 Decaffeinato can be found in our classic assortment.
  2. Then there is the dedicated decaffeinated coffee range consisting of 4 different coffee varieties; each with optimally preserved flavour and aroma. 

Belmio coffees made with the Swiss Water® Process

Two of the coffee varieties in our decaf coffee range are made with the Swiss Water® Process:

Premium Decaffeinato and Half Caffeinato or Halfcaf.

The Swiss Water® Procedure is a sustainable, organically certified and 100% chemical-free process for removing caffeine from coffee.

The Swiss Water process has no downside

Benefits of the Swiss Water procedure

  • 100% natural: the Swiss Water® Procedure is a gentle process that uses four elements to remove caffeine from coffee: water, coffee, time and temperature.

  • NO artificial chemicals!

  • Great Taste: the Swiss Water® Process eliminates the caffeine while retaining the flavour and aroma of the original coffee bean.

  • No off-flavour added!

  • Truly caffeine-free: it’s not a marketing trick. After decaffeination, our beans are 99.9% caffeine free, exceeding the FDA standard for “caffeine free”!

We say no to the DCM procedure.

DCM uses an aggressive chemical reaction to decaffeinate the product. It adds off-flavour and traces of chemicals remain unless the coffee is properly roasted.

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