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R&D experts in-house

By Belmio - November 6, 2022

We do it our way

Not afraid of challenging the market? That’s Belmio. We are ready to brighten up the coffee world. From bean to capsule, we dare to do it differently.

The R&D team is our centre of excellence that brings together everything we know. With our own trained coffee experts in house, we are on a roll to make the best coffee you’ve ever tasted. Our certified Q grading experts explore the most unique aromas for our flavoured coffee.

Quality above all

Certified Q Graders share a common language of quality used by producers and buyers alike, facilitating communication and access to markets.

Our Q graders are coffee professionals with highly developed sensory skills.

They are trained to evaluate green coffee. Being a certified Q Grader opens up many opportunities in the coffee industry because the Q Program is recognized by coffee professionals all over the world.

We are ready to brighten up the coffee world

Belmio breathes innovation, let’s go rock ‘n roll in flavours.

At Belmio, we always strive to create the most unique flavours while keeping things natural. All of our products are specialty coffee varieties, four of which are registered as organic while the rest of the assortment is RFA certified. 

Always reinventing ourselves, we turn existing recipes into new and exciting coffee flavours. Innovation is Belmio’s heart and mind, combining market data insights to deliver the best possible result to you, our favourite person.

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