At BELMOCA PLC we are committed to protecting your privacy, which is why it is our intention to provide you (and the other customers and users of our services and website) with as much information as possible and to respect you and put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to what we do with your personal data. Our aim is to process and use your information with respect and due care. That allows us to provide you with both a better service and a better user experience. Our starting point is that everybody must have control over their own personal data and that everybody is entitled to decide what data they provide us with.

Below we provide further information on the personal data that we collect, why we collect it and how long we keep it. We’ll also tell you how you can exercise control in this respect. Please take the time to properly read this privacy policy, our cookie policy and our general terms and conditions.

This privacy policy applies to the website www.belmio.com as well as to the inhouse operations at BELMOCA PLC. It contains, inter alia, information on the personal data that BELMOCA PLC collects and how BELMOCA PLC uses and processes that data.

BELMOCA PLC has engaged adequate technical and organisational measures to guarantee that your personal data is safely processed. Those measures correspond to the nature of the personal data and are proportionate to the gravity of the potential risk. The risk of accidental or unauthorised destruction, loss, alteration or access to the data, as well as any other illegal processing of the data, has been reduced to a minimum level. Unfortunately, we are unable to rule out every risk. Should unauthorised access be gained to the IT systems of BELMOCA PLC, we shall immediately take every possible step in order to minimise the damage to and/or theft of the data.



This privacy policy applies to all visitors to our website, visitors to trade fair stands or events, anybody who has subscribed to our newsletter or for personalised emails, people who have asked questions on our website, anybody who has requested a quote, job applicants, our staff, our suppliers and our customers. The privacy policy also applies when you are approached as a prospective customer of the services offered by BELMOCA PLC or when you visit our offices.

The Law of 8 December 1992 (the ‘Privacy Law’), the Law of 13 June 2005 (the ‘Law on Electronic Communications’), the requirements under the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the associated implementing decrees all govern your personal data.
We are committed to complying with our obligations and respecting your rights whenever your data is processed. If you require further information in this respect, please consult the website of the Commission for the Protection of Privacy.



‘Data processing’ covers any processing of personal data. The term ‘processing’ covers, inter alia, the collection, recording, arranging, storing, updating, amending, retrieving, consulting, using, disseminating or otherwise making available, collating, combining, archiving, erasing or destroying of personal data.



4.1 The data controller

BELMOCA PLC, with its registered office at Weversstraat 24, 1840 Londerzeel, enterprise number 0842 626 627, is responsible for processing the personal data to which this privacy policy pertains.

BELMOCA PLC is consequently the data controller and determines what personal data is collected, the purpose for which it is collected and the resources used to collect it.

4.2 Data processors

When BELMOCA PLC uses subcontractors to process the data, this shall always be done in accordance with the objectives to which this privacy policy pertains. BELMOCA PLC shall always provide clear instructions on the processing and stipulate through a processing contract that the processing must be performed pursuant to this privacy policy.



Personal data’ is the data that concerns an identifiable person. You may have provided this data yourself by, for example, placing an order or completing a form on the website. We could also allocate data to you that we obtained through our relationship, including data that we received from a third party (such as a telephone number).

All the data that we collect can be collated. BELMOCA BVBA undertakes to only process that data that is required for the objectives to which this privacy policy pertains.

With due regard for our activities, the following types of personal data can be processed:

Within the context of an online order:

  • Identification data, such as your given name, surname, email address, mobile phone number/landline number and address;
  • Data on your order and payment details;
  • Your interests and product preferences.

Within the context of a job application:

  • Information concerning your education, training, profession and position;

Within the context of B2B contacts

  • The identification and financial data of the company you work for;
  • Your profession, position and contact details.



BELMOCA PLC can collect personal data when or within the context of:

  • Visiting our website;
  • Placing an order;
  • Sending a contact form;
  • Subscribing to our newsletter (through the website or elsewhere);
  • Registering for personal offers;
  • Sending an email;
  • Sending a job application;
  • Exchanging business cards;
  • Performing a prospective customer assignment.



We process personal data for a range of purposes, but we will only process that data required for achieving the intended objective.

For example, we use personal data:

  • when we have received consent to do so;
  • to prepare an order;
  • to deliver your order;
  • to keep you updated on your order status;
  • to comply with the statutory and regulatory provisions that we are subject to.

We will also provide your data to third parties when such is necessary to complete your order, such as to a distribution centre or delivery service.

When BELMOCA PLC has a legitimate interest, we always strive to create a balance between that interest and respecting the privacy of the persons concerned.

Subject to consent, insofar as such is required, we collect personal data for the following concrete objectives:

  • performing an agreement with BELMOCA PLC;
  • providing support;
  • sending targeted marketing and advertising messages, updates and promotional offers on the basis of a stated interest;
  • sending invoices and collecting payments;
  • optimising the quality, content and the management of the website;
  • statistical purposes;
  • drafting a quote;
  • responding to a specific query;
  • performing customer satisfaction enquiries, surveys and other market research.

When visiting the website of BELMOCA PLC data is collected for statistical purposes. This data is used to optimise the website. The data collected includes: the IP address, the presumed visitor location, the time and date when visited and the pages viewed. When you visit the website you declare that you consent to this collection of data solely for statistical purposes.



BELMOCA PLC will not disclose your personal data to third parties, unless such is necessary for BELMOCA PLC to provide its services and to improve those services (such as, but not limited to, maintenance activities, processing payments, database management, delivering your order, etc).

Should it be necessary to disclose your personal data to third parties, that third party shall be compelled to use your personal data pursuant to the provisions of this privacy policy.

Further, BELMOCA PLC could disclose your personal data on the following grounds:

  • to the competent authorities, if BELMOCA PLC is obliged to do so under the law or in the context of legal proceedings or future legal proceedings and to guarantee and defend our rights;
  • when BELMOCA PLC, or virtually all its assets are taken over by a third party, with your personal data that has been collected by BELMOCA PLC constituting one of those assets;
  • for the purpose of detecting profiles similar to yours, except when you have expressly objected thereto;
  • for the purpose of a subcontractor processing your personal data in the context of the objectives set out in this privacy policy.

In any other cases BELMOCA PLC will never sell, rent our or transmit your personal data to third parties, unless BELMOCA PLC has received your express consent to do so.

BELMOCA PLC will always conclude a processing agreement with the third party concerned that contains the necessary guarantees with respect to the confidentiality and privacy of your personal data.



BELMOCA PLC undertakes to engage reasonable physical, technical and organisational precautionary measures to prevent the unlawful access to your personal data and the loss, misuse or alteration of this data.

BELMOCA PLC shall store all the personal data it collects in the cloud (using data centre(s) located within the EU) and or within its own IT environment.

Despite the security policy adopted by BELMOCA PLC, the checks and the actions it performs in this respect, a failsafe level of security cannot be guaranteed. No method of online transfer or transmission or electronic storage is 100 percent secure, and this means that BELMOCA PLC is unable to guarantee absolute security.

However, we do everything possible to secure your personal data and privacy, both within our network and in our offices.

Our staff are trained to deal with your confidential data in a proper manner. We use specialised companies that guarantee the security of our IT network and cloud services.

We also employ a range of technical measures to protect your personal data, such as firewalls, antivirus software, encryption and access checks.

In the event that a data leak occurs that affects your personal data, you will be notified thereof under those conditions provided for by the law.

The number of office staff that have access to your personal data is limited and carefully selected. These staff members are granted access to your data insofar as they require that information to properly perform their duties.

Our websites sometimes list links to third party sites (such as social media sites or those of organisers of events that we sponsor), the conditions of use of which do not fall under the scope of this privacy policy. Please carefully read their policies in respect of protecting your personal data.



Unless a longer retention period is required or justified by law or on the grounds of compliance with another statutory obligation, BELMOCA PLC shall only retain your data for the period required to achieve and fulfil the objectives, as set out in this privacy policy.

The retention period can consequently vary for each objective. For the purposes of complying with our statutory obligations we are, for example, obliged to retain your invoicing data for a maximum of 7 years. There is naturally only limited access available to this archived data.

At the conclusion of the applicable retention period(s) personal data is anonymised or erased.

At the end of each year persons that have subscribed to our newsletter and/or registered for personalised offers are removed if they have not opened the newsletter within the previous 24 months, have unsubscribed or if the messages have bounced back from the email address.

Data from job applicants who are not retained is deleted 24 months after the selection period.


Personalizing advertisements

BELMOCA PLC uses retargeting for its website. We use this technique to make the offer more interesting. For example, it is possible to offer relevant advertisements to Internet users who have previously expressed an interest in our campaigns or activities on other websites. These advertisements are displayed on partner pages using cookies and based on an analysis of previous user behaviour. Any questions or concerns? Mail to marketing@belmoca.com.



You can invoke the following privacy rights at any time:

  • the right to access the personal data that BELMOCA PLC has that concerns you;
  • the right to rectify, complete or update your personal data;
  • the right to have your personal data deleted (‘right to be forgotten’);
  • the right to restrict the processing of your personal data;
  • the right to transfer your personal data;
  • the right to object to the processing of your personal data.

If you wish to invoke your privacy rights, as set out above, please send a written request to the following address:

BELMOCA PLC, Weversstraat 24, 1840 Londerzeel, Belgium

  • The following must always be included in such a request:
  • A copy of the front of the person’s identity card so that that person can be identified;
  • The original email address used to create the account, so that the correct account can be identified;
  • The email address where the person concerned wishes to receive information;
  • The nature of the request.

BELMOCA PLC shall comply with the request within a month of receiving it.

Should you no longer wish to receive newsletters or information on our services, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ button, which can be found at the bottom of all newsletters and/or personalised offers sent by BELMOCA PLC.



Any transmission of personal data outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) to a recipient established in a nation that does not fall under an adequacy decision issued by the European Commission shall be governed by the provisions of a data transfer agreement that shall contain the standard contractual clauses as provided for in the Commission Decision of 5 February 2010 (Decision 2010/87/EC)’, or by another mechanism pursuant to the privacy legislation or other legislation concerning the processing of personal data.



BELMOCA PLC is entitled to update this privacy policy by means of placing a new version on the website. Please regularly consult the website and the page where the privacy policy is displayed so that you are aware of any changes thereto.



If you have any complaints in respect of the manner in which BELMOCA PLC collects, uses and/or processes your personal data, a complaint can be submitted at any time to the Privacy Commission.



Should you have any queries concerning the privacy policy or the manner in which BELMOCA PLC collects, uses and/or processes your personal data, then please contact us at:

  • by e-mail: contact@belmoca.com
  • or by ordinary mail: BELMOCA PLC, Weversstraat 24, 1840 Londerzeel