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Partnership Topvolley Belgium


Lotte Cras - July 27, 2023

Belmoca: the first Nespresso® compatible brand on the Belgian market

As the first Nespresso® compatible brand on the Belgian market, Belmoca is one of world’s leaders in coffee and focuses mainly on aluminum compatible coffee capsules. After successful launches abroad, Belgium and surrounding neighboring countries are next. "With the Belmio webshop and upcoming launches on numerous European marketplaces, we can strengthen our position in the home market and serve Belmio fans directly and even better. All aluminum capsules are compatible with Nespresso® Original machines. With innovation in our DNA, we have now expanded our coffee range to include Dolce Gusto® compatible capsules and have recently launched our own coffee beans."

Keeping an eye out on the constantly evolving market trends, Belmoca maintains a flexible service-oriented attitude and outlook towards the future. This is reflected not only in our own brand Belmio, but equally in our private label services. Here we help companies enter the coffee business with their own brand. It involves support from A to Z, from bean to cup.

Unleash the experience with Belmio

We focus on the consumer market with our own brand Belmio. Our mission? To give you an indulging coffee break that puts a smile on your face all day long. Since the very start, we have been committed to creating great, sustainable coffee and make the world a happier place along the way. We also strongly believe in personal taste differences, which is why we serve flavoured coffee rather than focusing on classic coffee alone.

Belmio goes fully digital via www.belmio.com, focusing on our target audience of millennials and coffee fanatics. With our new webshop, we are bringing Belmio close to our coffee fans. Belmio stands for daring and different. With our yellow branding, colorful packaging and coffee names, we stand out in a sea of black coffee packaging. You can customize your shopping basket, try our delicious coffee, just the way you like it ;-)!

Our coffee offers players and supporters happiness in a cup, with an extra coffee boost to face the (sporting) day! 

Belmio & Topvolley Belgium, the perfect fit

A partnership with Topvolley Belgium for the Geberit Beach Tour 2023 fits perfectly with the fun factor & dynamics of our Belmio brand. At Belmio, we stand for happiness and generating fun, and this is exactly what goes hand in hand in a top sport like volleyball: sport + team + Belmio = everyone happy. Our coffee then once again offers players and supporters happiness in a cup, with an extra coffee boost to face the (sporting) day! "There is a clear similarity in values and spirit," says sales director Michaël Van de Vorst. Belmoca is also made up of avid sports lovers and practitioners, we can identify with the mentality of top athletes. In our own way, we also give our best every day to offer our fans the ultimate coffee experience.

With our sponsorship we wish to generate extra (playing) joy on and off the field. In addition, we want to show appreciation to all the organizers and attendees who make this event possible, as well as thank those who contribute to a delicious and unforgettable Belmio moment.

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